Frequently Asked Questions.

How expensive is it to have a piece custom made?
That is a hard question to answer. Prices can vary based on the materials, finish, and hardware used. Size obviously is the main factor. A true estimate can only be made after a finalized drawing has been made.

What types of wood do you use?
Most of my work is made of paint grade maple plywood and solid poplar moldings. Many times we use mahogany plywood with solid edging, although any type of wood can be used.

What design choices do I have?
I can design almost anything you can imagine. Many times clients are using their own Designer or Architect for the work .I have years of experience working with them .

Are the knobs and/or pulls included?
No the knobs are not included, but we do drill & install them.

The reason is that styles, quality, and price can vary greatly.

How long will it take to have a unit made?
That depends on our work load at the time of our consultation. Most of the times I will come up with a drawing, and an estimate, completed in one week. Once your job gets started, about 4 weeks should be expected, depending on the size. A larger project could take 6-8 weeks prior tor delivey.